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Hello. We’re Impextraco.
ADD'AQUA is our brand new range of liquid products.

We developed it with our clients in mind.

In view of the many technical challenges that liquid product development face in terms of both chemical and physical stability, it has been envisaged that a sounder understanding would be achieved by concentrating under a common division:

  • all the know-how accumulated for years of experience in the biosecurity sector.
  • a thorough understanding of the organic acids, essential oils and vitamins trading market.
  • our recent R&D efforts in molecular

We develop & produce feed ingredients that protect animal health and enhance productivity.

Technical know-how


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Research & Development


"In our field trial stations, our dedicated technical team develops and evaluates feed solutions the world needs, both for today and for the future."

At Impextraco, we are totally committed to developing innovative products which meet the demands of our wide range of customers operating in highly diverse conditions around the world. We are proud of our in-house labs and several in vivo trial stations which we maintain in Belgium and Brazil. We collaborate with highly skilled university researchers, scientists and farmers to develop and evaluate the feed solutions the world needs, both for today and for the future.

We develop our products based on their in vitro and in vivo efficacy. Because basic lab tests do not always reflect field conditions, we are committed to generating and validating different in vitro protocols which mimic what happens in the animal as closely as possible. This is a crucial step in our product development process.

Trials per year
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