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Our solutions for oral administration through
water will offer some advantages compared
to additives added in feed.

Drinking is important

In stress-free situations, animals drink twice as much as they eat. Under stress, they literally stop eating and only drink.

Autonomous tool

They offer the farmer a fast, efficient and autonomous tool to correct deficiencies/ disorders independently of the integrator/feed producer.

It doesn't compute as feed

Nutritionally, they do not compute as feed. Hence, extra supplementation of needed vitamins is possible (e.g. D3).

It is not a feed cost

Economically, they do not count as feed cost.

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The range is divided into 3 main pillars:


Add’Aqua has two products in the pipeline to assist your animals in the biosecurity.


Add’Aqua has products that will help your animals in a therapeutical way.


Add’Aqua has products to assist your animals by adding extra vitamins.

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