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Our solutions for oral administration through drinking water will offer some advantages compared to additives added in feed.

  • In stress-free situations, animals drink twice as much as they eat. Under stress, they literally stop eating and only drink.
  • They offer the farmer a fast, efficient and autonomous tool to correct deficiencies/ disorders independently of the integrator/feed producer.
  • Nutritionally, they do not compute as feed. Hence, extra supplementation of needed vitamins is possible (e.g. D3).
  • Economically, they do not compute as feed cost.

Heat Relief Against Heat Stress
  • reduces the impact of heat stress in poultry.
  • improves production parameters and reduces mortality.
  • can be used for bacterial growth prevention.
  • alleviate respiratory problems.
  • tranquilizing effect reduces animal panting.
  • prevents fungal growth in the water.

ReHydrate Against Dehydration
  • is an effective solution to combat dehydration and its consequences.
  • provides the sufficient electrolytes to restore the animal’s electrolytic balance.
  • high energy content contributes to faster recovery.
  • has a very positive impact in productivity parameters.

AD3E Fot vitamination
  • is a stable solution of lipohylic vitamins that provides essential vitamins for the correct growth and development of the animal.
  • addresses disorders such as encephalomalacia, muscular dystrophy, rickets and delayed growth.
  • improves immune response particularly in high performing animals.
  • helps to maintain healthy bones and muscles.

Vit C 25% For vitamination
  • provides a highly concentrated form of L-ascorbic acid via drinking water.
  • has been thoughtfully designed to remain stable for 18 months under proper storage conditions.
  • becomes a powerful antioxidant boost to counteract the negative effects of oxidative stress.
  • helps to maintain the correct function of a wide range of physiological activities.
  • strengthens the immune system and improves reproduction.
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